• FALCO produces high quality wood-based boards.
FALCO produces high quality wood-based boards.

Worktop Trends 2011 – 11 new decor for 2011

FALCO had announced during its successful in-house fair in September 2010 that the worktop portfolio was going to be developed and widened for 2011. The direction of the development was defined according to the demand of the market.

In line with FALCO’s well known, long term development goals, the dimensions of the worktop boards had been changed in 2010. The length of the boards changed from the former 5200 mm to 4100 mm. The thickness of the boards and the profil of the edges remained unchanged, 28 mm thickness with R 5,5 mm radius profile and 38 mm with R 3,3 mm radius profile.

As a result of our decor development process, 11 brilliant new decors and 3 new structures were introduced from March 2011, and accordingly the FALCO worktop collection has expanded to now include 55 decors and 8 structures.

With the new offering of high gloss Black, White and Beige, FALCO will finally fulfill an old gap on the market.

It is common that FALCO develops decor families. According to this practice, the new collection was expanded with two decor families. The Modena Antique and Modena Grey decors have the effect of antique metal sheets lending an appearance that is both modern and classic at the same time. This effect is emphasized by the surface structure with complimentary matt and gloss effects. The name of the new structure is Metal Antique and has the code FS42.

The other two decor families are called Textile Dark and Textile Light, and have the structure FS40 Textile. In this case, the structure is as well synchronized with the pattern.

The Sahara Beige decor is the best example of conformity between the structure and the decor bringing out the best of the material’s beauty. This sandy-beige decor would be nothing without the undulating and hectic FS41 Wraky structure. The decor and the surface together will bring you right into the Sahara.

Last but not least, the development of wood decors must be mentioned. The appearance of Bavarian Oak is dark and as stunningly beautiful as real, aged wood. Brazilian Chestnut belongs to an exclusive category because of its high gloss structure and velvet like pattern. Both decors are truly unique on their own.

During the development of the new worktops, FALCO did not forget the accessories that can be supplied on offer from Rehau Ltd.

The new collection is available from stock beginning March 2011.

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