• FALCO produces high quality wood-based boards.
FALCO produces high quality wood-based boards.

Prospering Together: Another Successful In-House Fair at FALCO

The annual In-House Fair at FALCO took place this year from the 23rd – 24th June, 2011. On the first day of the event, we hosted our Hungarian partners at FALCO, and we welcomed our international partners the following day. During these two days, over 40 companies and more than 100 people attended the professional programs.

The Hungarian day opened with a presentation by Mr. István Varga, Sales Director and Mr. Zoltán Sipos, Export Sales Director, delivered the opening speech for our international partners. After the commercial review held by the Sales Directors, Mr. Tamás Kovács, Marketing Manager at FALCO, introduced the audience to the décor and collection developments of 2011.

The presentation of the All Natural Collection generated the most excitement amongst our partners of the innovations presented at the In-House Fair. Besides the 4 new décors the collection includes several well known designs that are now being promoted with Top Matt (FS08) and Nature Elegance (FS22) structures. The Top Matt surface structure realistically imitates the originality of a finely finished wood surface, while the Nature Elegance structure enhances the beauty of wood by the natural splendor of the wood-grain structures. The 4 new décors, 508 Walnut Lyon, 443 Noble Beech, 422 Hazel and 606 Rigoletto Bronze conform brilliantly to today’s contemporary trends.

Besides décors that were presented in full-board format, expressive interior photos were exhibited on the spot showing our guests just how well the FALCO All Natural Collection really brings the beauty of nature into the home.

To the great pleasure of professional enquirers (architects and designers), FALCO introduced uni colours in a new collection this year. The collection of 32 uni décors offers the colours of the sun, water, earth and ash along with several shades of white and metallic décors and their combinations are in accordance with modern interior-design-trends. The Uni Collection was presented as an integral component of the new, more complete range with stand-alone displays.

After reviewing FALCO’s new collections, the program continued with a plant visit allowing visitors to gain insight into the technological developments of the plant over the last few years.

Coming back from the plant tour, the professional program was concluded with a presentation of the Managing Director of Kronospan Italia, Mr. Massimo Cenedella, who introduced the audience to the exclusive Skin Collection, planned for release only to select traders in each country all over Europe directly from Ponterosso, Italy. The presentation of the Skin Collection showing the latest Italian design trends on such high level and in such an original way is truly unique on the Hungarian market. FALCO was honored to present this amazing collection to our long-standing partners.

We thank all our guests for showing interest in our event and look forward to seeing you again at the FALCO In-House Fair next year.

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