• A FALCO kiváló minőségű faalapú laptermékeket állít elő
A FALCO kiváló minőségű faalapú laptermékeket állít elő


Mirror Gloss

To push the limits of depth and definition, color and reflective gloss, FALCO asked its engineers to challenge the conventional conception of melamine facing. Analyzing the dramatic impact of changes to time, pressure, and heat, FALCO engineers discovered that the key to perfecting the mirrored surface lay in an extended press time (more than 4x normal) with a gradual, liquid cooling of the surface (over 15 minutes in the press) prior to extraction.


Design boards

Interior design has many different faces, just as does our melamine faced chipboard: 28 uni-colours, 76 wood designs and 5 fantasy decors make it the ideal material for modern furniture and interior design. The name: Design boards. Special characteristics: light and colour fast, scratch resistant, durable and environmentally friendly.


Particleboard E-LE

Over 50 years of experience goes into every single one of our products. Our particleboard is constructed from pine and deciduous wood, mixed with special resins, pressed, and bonded under the effect of heat and pressure. The result: sanded, triple-layered particleboard that does not contain harmful stains or preservatives. A clean product of nature. As a result of continuous investment and innovation FALCO Zrt. Szombathely is proud to confirm that all FALCO particleboard products comply with the CARB II, extra low emission E-LE standard.



There is a saying that work is followed by pleasure. At FALCO, however, we find great pleasure in our work. Manufactured using the post-forming process, our worktops stringently fulfil all requirements that kitchens, shops and catering facilities demand. And of course, the highly resilient surfaces and rounded edges of our worktops look beautiful.


BETONYP® building boards

Healthy, debarked pine and cement: these are the raw materials used to produce one of our most successful products for more than three decades. Our cement-bonded chipboard, called BETONYP, is used where lightweight construction and facing elements require toughness and durability.


Acrylic Gloss Boards

The Acrylic Gloss boards are based on MDF covered with high quality 1.4 mm thick acrylic film on the front side and a matted PS stabilizing layer on the back side.



Back Panels: Back panels are 3 mm single melamine faced fibre boards that perfectly coordinate with our melamine faced chipboard design boards.

ABS Edging



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