• FALCO produces high quality wood-based boards.
FALCO produces high quality wood-based boards.

FALCO Receives CARB Certification for Particleboard

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandates some of the world's most strict controls for air quality and the limiting of pollutants. The agency's stewardship extends from the automotive to consumer products manufacturing industries, and by both awarding sustainable producers and placing harsh constraints on those not meeting CARB standards, they set the global precedent for eco-friendly manufacturing.

FALCO consistently works to improve upon its manufacturing processes including the sourcing of raw materials and the limitation of emissions. The award of CARB Certification for particleboard production is confirmation that FALCO's strategy of investing in new equipment and applying over a century's experience and know-how in wood-based panel production has paid off. 

As a result of continuous investment and innovation FALCO Zrt. Szombathely is proud to confirm that all FALCO particleboard products comply with the CARB II, extra low emission E-LE standard.

From 2015 onwards we deliver particleboard in E-LE quality only.

Therefore we do much more than any law requires.
We guarantee our customers and their customers the highest level of security.
By selecting FALCO products our customers are making a responsible purchasing choice and will gain a significant competitive advantage.



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