• FALCO produces high quality wood-based boards.
FALCO produces high quality wood-based boards.


At FALCO, we are proud of the environmental role we play in the overall supply chain of wood. By producing wood-based panels using waste wood from the sawmill industry, we help to ensure that timber is valued as a limited raw material. We aim to get the highest possible yield from our input materials. The result is cost-effective production with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Together with our suppliers, we strive to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact.

  • We make sure as little waste as possible enters the water, soil and air.
  • We promote the recycling of the maximum amount of our waste materials as possible and accelerate the recycling of waste wood from other producers.
  • We handle, use, store and destroy chemicals by environmentally safe and healthy means.

FALCO is working towards a more sustainable wood-based products industry. We ensure that suppliers do not use wood from national parks, natural preserves, virgin forests and other conservation areas.



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