is the best way to lead a traditinal company into the future. The company management is proud of our well known maxim: “Innovation is our tradition”. What started in 1939 with a sawmill in Szombathely (Hungary), has developed into one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest board manufacturers supplying the furniture and building industries. With a passion for wood, the raw material with which we work, and utilizing modern technologies for today’s and tomorrow’s markets, our team consistently brings forth innovative new product ideas. Our passion can be seen in every single board we produce.

2013-2014  Investment in new ContiRoll® continuous pressline with a capacity of 450 000 m³/year.
2012-2013  Launching of new environmental investments
2012 EUR 15m investment in the new Mirror Gloss production Line
2009 Special focus on innovative surface structures and designs
2008 Investment of EUR 25 million for quality improvements and capacity enhancement
2007 FALCO becomes a part of Kronospan
1997 First post-forming factory in Hungary: production of Worktops and Table Tops
1992 Formation of the company as a corporation (FALCO Zrt.)
1977 Product range expands: Concrete Bonded Chipboard
1976 Melamine Faced Chipboard production starts
1974 Merger between the two largest regional wood-industry companies
1966 Construction of a second chipboard line begins
1959 The first chipboard producer in Hungary
1952 Transformation into a state owned company (The West – Hungarian Sawmill)
1939 Construction of the sawmill in Szombathely, Hungary


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